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These days Event Managers are often pressured to deliver more for less. Clients want events that are bigger and better than ever, but often on a lower budget than last time.

If you're under pressure to deliver your next event on a budget, here are some handy tips:

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We love our job. We truly do. And how many people do you meet that can say that? Event management is our passion, our joy, our raison d'être. We honestly can't imagine doing anything else. And here's our reasons why:

1) You get paid to travel the world

Let's just s...

Want to get your creative juices flowing? We've found this rather on brand recipe that might just help...


2 scoops of Raspberry jam 
Small handful of fresh mint leaves + extra for garnish
2 pieces of sliced fresh rhubarb
15 mls lemon juice
30 mls gin



Raspberry Rhubarb is a luxury event management company. Our passion lies in creating exquisite, bespoke corporate and private events. We have the expertise and vision to deliver truly remarkable luxury events, that will create lasting memories. Our purpose is simple:...

Our first visit to Chewton Glen was six years ago and we loved the place then. We returned recently to get a feel for its latest offerings and we were not disappointed. In fact we loved it more. 

Somehow this hotel, (part of a small group called Iconic Lu...

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