These days Event Managers are often pressured to deliver more for less. Clients want events that are bigger and better than ever, but often on a lower budget than last time. If you're under pressure to deliver your next event on a budget, here are some handy tips:

  • Shop Around - Take time to get a variety of supplier quotes and do your homework. You'll be surprised in the difference in offerings. Some venues don't charge a room hire fee but have a high minimum spend. Some caterers may offer reasonable per head menu options but have high equipment and staff charges.

  • Think Outside the Box - Just because something's 'always been done this way' doesn't mean it can't be changed. Getting creative can really add a wow factor to your event and needn't be expensive. Rather than booking an 'event' photographer what about a green screen photographer that can print instant takeaway photos for your guests? Instead of the standard cake and cookie station during the afternoon conference break, how about jars filled with sweets? Instead of booking a theming company, how about sourcing some of the items yourself from auction sites? You'll be amazed at what you can find! Consider the location and date of your event, whilst this is an important factor, sometimes moving your event outside a town/city centre or changing it to an alternative date can dramatically reduce costs.

  • Book Early - late bookings mean costs will escalate so get prepared and book suppliers early. Always communicate your expectations clearly with your suppliers and keep talking through the planning process so there's no duplication of effort or misunderstanding of what needs to be delivered. Misunderstandings can lead to last minute price hikes so always be clear on what you need.

  • Negotiate - Look closely at the small print in supplier contracts and negotiate wherever you can. Ask to bring the deadline to confirm final numbers closer to the event. Reduce the day delegate rate by cutting out some of the items that are included, e.g. sweets on tables, flip charts and bottled water. Perhaps jugs of tap water will suffice, or reduce the number of coffee breaks offered. Work with your suppliers and ask them how they can help you save money, where can they be flexible to accommodate your budget?

  • Recycle and go paperless - keep signage and branding clear and simple and that way you may well be able to reuse it for your next event. Pull up banners and stationery are just two things that could be reused if they're not event or date specific. Consider going paperless with an event app too - printing is expensive and 99% of it will end up in the bin straight after the event. Delegates can get all the information they need on an app or event specific website.

All of the above takes time and the longer you have to plan an event, the better. Never underestimate how long it takes to research supplier options and get to contract stage. Planning and preparation is key and, if you do this well, you will be well on your way to securing your next event within budget.

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