This time last year we were in beautiful Venice on a site visit with a client for a prospective luxury event they had been planning. We'd been bought in a little way down the line to take over the event planning and delivery of the project once the destination and hotel had been decided.

As breathtaking as Venice was, as time went on it became apparent that the location and venues weren't right for the group. Logistics of the city and the expense of moving people around were making it cost prohibitive for their budget and the hotel the client had chosen didn't have the vibe we knew the guests would ultimately be looking for.

Then followed the moment where we had to talk the situation through with the client and work out what to do. As hard as these conversations can be, we just couldn't imagine delivering an event that didn't feel 100% right. We decided with the client to go back to the drawing board, rethink the whole event, research new destinations and venues and start again, revisiting Italy on other occasions to get the planning just so. A costly exercise, but it worked. And the end event we delivered was amazing. The venues and locations we went with were spot on and the clients objectives were more than met.

We'd trusted our instincts, spoken up and resolved the issues. Sometimes as an Event Manager knowing where NOT to go is just as important as knowing where to go and after all, the client was paying for our expertise, so we're glad we spoke up. It was our job to do so.

Here at Raspberry Rhubarb we pride ourselves on our client relationships and will always be honest with our clients. If we don't feel every single detail is absolutely perfect we'll work with you to make the changes needed to bring out the best in your event. After all our mantra, as Hubert de Givenchy once said, is "Luxury is in each detail".

Raspberry Rhubarb is an events business based in the UK and operating worldwide. We specialise in long term event management consultancy roles working with luxury brands. For further information, email amy@raspberryrhubarb.com