We LOVE weddings, they are always the happiest of occasions and all so unique. As Wedding Planners, to be so close to a bride and groom and their families is an honour and a privilege and not something to be taken lightly.

There are many reasons to hire a Wedding Planner, and if you're not sure whether to go ahead and hire one, we are pretty sure we can convince you! Here's our top five:

1) Wedding Planners can help you save money!

Yes you read that correctly, despite the fees you may pay for a planner, overall, you may well save money by booking one. They have (not so) little black books full of reliable contacts. They know tonnes of amazing suppliers and will be able to help you avoid the many cowboys that are out there and can also advise if supplier quotes are about right. They can help you negotiate costs, and payment terms, help you with the small print in supplier contracts and keep that budget in check.

2) Wedding Planners can help you create your desired look and style

Even venues with onsite coordinators can't provide the detailed service that a Wedding Planner can. No one wants exactly the same wedding as someone else and it's the little details of your wedding day that make it so individual and special. A Wedding Planner can help you pull all these little details together, style your venue and work with your suppliers to create the exact look and feel you want.

3) Wedding Planners can keep things stress free

Weddings aren’t called your ‘Big Day’ for nothing. They can take an extraordinary amount of planning, which can leave you too tired to actually enjoy the day. Organising a wedding means making a huge amount of decisions which can be very overwhelming. A good Wedding Planner will take the stress out of the process, giving as little or as much support as you need, reassuring you about your decisions and assisting you with those you're unsure about. Many planners offer different levels of planning services, from on the day coordination, to partial planning and full service planning so if you haven't booked a planner right at the beginning of your wedding journey, don't worry, there will be one out there that can step in for the last few weeks to help pull things together.

4) Wedding Planners love to plan!

Even if you're a very organised Bride or Groom, you won't have organised as many weddings as the planner you hire! A Wedding Planner loves a spreadsheet, has lists about their lists and an incredible contacts list in their phone! They will put together a detailed schedule for your big day and share it with all of your suppliers making sure everyone (including you) knows where they need to be when. They will make sure all the logistics and styling elements are covered and help you fill in any gaps that maybe you won't have thought of, while ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests on the day.

5) Wedding Planners are the 'go to' person so you can enjoy your big day

Imagine if the suppliers you booked were contacting you on your wedding day to find out exactly where the cake knife is, where the band should get ready and what they're having for their tea before they go on stage but hang on a minute, the drummer is a vegetarian. Imagine if Aunty Sheila snags her tights and needs a spare pair or Bridesmaid #2's button pops off and needs stitching back on. Imagine if the DJ's car breaks down and he needs help to get to the venue...now imagine if all these calls were coming through to you on the day and how you'd feel. Wedding Planners are pro's at dealing with all of this and more importantly freeing you up to relish every minute of your special day.

So as you can see, a Wedding Planner in our eyes is invaluable and can be a total lifesaver! If we've convinced you, Raspberry Rhubarb offers a variety of Wedding Planning services. We take the time to understand and interpret your requirements, with attention to detail that is second to none. Click here to learn more.

"It was honestly the most incredible day of our lives and I can't thank you enough for everything that you did in the run up and on the wedding day - honestly we could not have done it without you!"

Mr & Mrs Bond

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