5 reasons why event management is the best job in the world, by Amy Burleigh, Founder at Raspberry Rhubarb

We love our job. We truly do. And how many people do you meet that can say that? Event management is our passion, our joy, our raison d'être. We honestly can't imagine doing anything else. And here's our reasons why:

1) You get paid to travel the world

Let's just say that again...You get paid to travel the world. Yup. Amazing isn't it! And ok, sometimes as an Event Manager you might work for a week in Spain but in reality the convention centre and airport that you spend all of your time in could actually be anywhere, but at other times you can be accompanying guests on safari in deepest Botswana or on a sea plane in Dubai doing a secret silent fist pump and thanking your luckiest of lucky stars.

2) You produce awesome, seamless experiences

Whether it's at a conference, a wedding, a fancy international do or the company Christmas party, as the Event Manager you need to be one step ahead of your clients and their guests enabling them to have the time of their lives. It's quite addictive seeing people's minds being opened to new experiences or totally letting their hair down and knee skidding across the dance floor with their tie wrapped round their head (not naming names...Brian).

3) You get to be creative

This is true on many levels. It's not only about making the gala dinner tables look fabulous but how to engage and create experiences for your guests before, during and after an event, how to beat the competition, get creative with a budget or how best to collaborate. Every day planning an event is an opportunity to come up with fresh ideas and innovate.

4) You get to work with awesome people

Anyone that works in the world of events just kind of gets it. There's a sub world of dedicated events suppliers, people that love to plan every detail, inspiring, creative people that pull together and work round the clock to deliver an experience just for you. The camaraderie of working towards this common goal is a great feeling. It's like a secret handshake without the, er, handshake...

5) You bring people together

Fundamentally this is what events are all about. A successful event is when people connect, share an experience, get inspired and leave doing things differently, better than before. It's a privilege to be an Event Manager and see people come together, and create memories and sometimes lasting change.

So there you have it. Our top reasons why working in the events industry rocks. Events are emotive and driven by people’s passions. It’s our job as an Event Manager to understand, tap into and enhance these emotions. And ultimately, delivering an incredible experience for you, our clients and guests is an amazing experience for us as Event Managers too.

Raspberry Rhubarb is a luxury event management company. Our passion lies in creating exquisite, bespoke corporate and private events. We have the expertise and vision to deliver truly remarkable luxury events, that will create lasting memories. Our purpose is simple: to deliver exceptional luxury events, across the UK, and worldwide.

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