With competition in the events world more fierce than ever, here's our round up of what's HOT in 2018.


If you want to build a brand, create an emotional experience. Tailor your messages to your guests so they connect on an emotional level and feel a true part of the event. And not just once they enter the building, it needs to be from the first touch point. But how do you personalise for a large audience? Technology is the answer. Create a personal digital experience. No more death by powerpoint. Immerse your audience in content rather than just making them view it. Disruptive formats and engagement based events will shine.


Surroundings impact on attitude and motivation more than you may first think. The venue itself can play a crucial part in achieving the event objective. Whether it be for an intimate dinner, a luxury wedding, or a global conference, the location goes a long way to setting the scene for proceedings. Seek out non-traditional venues to make a statement and help create a memorable experience. Pop-ups and out of the ordinary venues are the way to go.


The key to a successful event is not just meeting the attendees expectations, but to exceed them. From start to finish your clients need to have a totally seamless event. Everyone should leave feeling like they had a five star experience and view your brand in a higher regard than when they arrived. Only use the best and most trusted suppliers. Create an awesome atmosphere. Plan, plan, plan and make the whole experience as easy for your guests as possible.


Immersive experiences mean that all five senses should be stimulated. A fully-sensory experience can make your audience more receptive to hearing and understanding your message. However in events, the sense of smell is often overlooked even though it can evoke strong emotional reactions. Does your brand have a scent associated with it? If so use it, if not create one!


A finger buffet just doesn't cut it anymore. Creative menus and experiences are paramount. Food and drink needs to be interactive, interesting and unique. Create a sense of theatre. Menus needs to be integral to the story of the event and reflect the surroundings too. Edible cocktails in the company colours? Why not! But whatever you do, make it visual. Move away from a theme and move towards creating a 'story'. It all links back to the emotional connection your guests will have and the amount they'll want to share it.

In conclusion, the above shows that audiences want different, memorable, engaging experiences. And the more unusual or stand out your event becomes, the more it'll be shared on social media. In turn your profile is raised, brand awareness grows and your audience's followers ... well they get FOMO.

So how to deliver? Rip up the rule book. Leave your preconceptions at the door. Know your audience. Create an authentic experience. Keep your objectives in mind. Disrupt your thinking. Go create.

And if you're clever, you'll have noted what our top 5 spell out...(well we sort of shoe-horned number 4 in there). After all, that's what this is all about.

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