At Raspberry Rhubarb we always strive to be the very best we can possibly be and deliver events beyond our clients expectations. Here’s our Top 10 Tips on how to deliver Super Luxe Events.

  1. Client Objectives – always keep these in mind. What is the message your client is trying to get across? Listen carefully. This will impact on the locations you propose, the suppliers you recommend, the flow of the event that you plan, the menus you put together, everything single element of the event you plan should always link back to the client objectives and their brand.

  2. Guest Experience – when planning logistics, walk it through from the guest perspective. Do they know where to go on arrival? (do you need more signage?) Do they know the dress code? (have you communicated pre event information well enough and in good time?) How do they find out the WIFI code? What should they do if they feel ill? From pre event communication to the post event come down, you should always think of the guest experience. How can you make them want to share it on social media, create brand exposure, FOMO and make sure uptake is even higher next time round? Think 3D – an event should be a multi sensory experience – sounds, sights, smells, touch and taste. Every element needs to be considered.

  3. Budget Conscious – even the most luxe clients have a budget they’re working to. Establish this from the start and you’ll make sure you’re on the right track from Day One. If a client says they’re not sure of budget, push them. You don’t want to propose a 5 star super luxe venue when their budget realistically only warrants a 4 star. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and means you’re not delivering.

  4. Don’t be Afraid to Manage Up and Down – often with corporate events the details only hit the radar of the Senior Team a short while beforehand and they suddenly have an input or want to change things last minute. Be prepared to change what you can but also don’t be afraid to say NO (but always back it up with a valid reason), you’re the Event expert after all. Be a leader. Lead your crew and suppliers. Gather them round, be strong, lead and keep them onside.

  5. Plan, Plan, Plan – write it all down, make lists, lists about your lists and cross check all the time. Take time to plot and plan and you’ll be surprised what a difference this makes. Project plans are so important. From the moment a brief is confirmed, plot key actions, give deadline dates and make sure responsibilities are communicated. Keep on top of the project plan – are deadlines being met? If not, why not? What can you do to help? Brief suppliers in advance. Make it happen.

  6. Stretch Your Clients – always add in a wild card, just because it’s always been done this way doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

  7. Check & Double Check – don’t feel foolish for double or triple checking anything. Better to double check than assume something and get it wrong.

  8. Work with Trusted Suppliers - build up a little black book of people that you know will work as an extension of your brand and expected service levels. Take time to build relationships, meet prospective suppliers and always, ALWAYS trust your instincts.

  9. Be Nice – in live events, things don’t always go to plan, it’s part of the journey. Stay calm, keep smiling and you know what, it’ll get sorted so much quicker than if you scream and shout. Communicate clearly. You need your suppliers and crew as much as they need you and never forget your event would be nothing without them. And when all is done, always say thank you.

  10. The Devil is in the Detail – Our strapline has always been a quote by Hubert de Givenchy - "Luxury is in each detail'. Every single element, no matter how small, makes the difference between a good event and a great one. Take time to get every tiny detail just right and communicated appropriately and you’ll be well on the road to an amazing event.

Raspberry Rhubarb is a luxury event management company. Our passion lies in creating exquisite, bespoke corporate and private events. We have the expertise and vision to deliver truly remarkable luxury events, that will create lasting memories. Our purpose is simple: to deliver exceptional luxury events, across the UK, and worldwide.

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