The Events Team onsite in Malta

As an Event Manager, delivery of a live event creates enormous pressure. Despite having organised them for many years, most weeks before delivery of an event, we’ll fully admit that we’re foul to be around. Juggling last minute delegate management changes, reassuring clients all is in order, ensuring the onsite briefing documents have everything in that’s been swirling round our heads for months, and all whilst actually trying to manage real life (especially as a mother) can push us to the edge! And it never seems to get easier.

It’s not nerves, it’s just feeling the weight of the responsibility of the trust our clients have put in us. We want to do well. We want to be the best we can. We want to do them proud. We want them to be pleased they chose us. It’s a competitive world and we’re fully aware of the number of event agencies there are. We want them to see the care and attention we put in. We want them to be delighted in our service. We want them to come back again and again. We want them to recommend us. We want them to feel they did the right thing to put their trust in us. We take huge pride in every single event we deliver and will always do so to the very best of our abilities.

That’s why it’s so important for us to be fully able to trust the team around us and trust takes time. From the suppliers we work with to the crew we hire, the impact of their contribution on our business is huge. The service they deliver has to be an extension of our own. It has to reflect the level we work to. Our relationship with each supplier element along with how we communicate is critical. And for that reason, our little black book of trusted contacts is probably the most valuable thing we own.

We pride ourselves on the level of delivery of our events and do have exacting standards. But we never do it alone. We are completely dependent on a seamless execution by each and every person we work with, whether it’s a part of a wider team within a supplier’s company or an individual crew member assigned certain onsite tasks.

But working as a team doesn’t mean all involved lose their uniqueness. We all bring our ‘I’ but put collectively the ‘I’ becomes a ‘We’. And that’s what makes the magic happen. The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

So to all the crew we work with, to all the suppliers that we choose to work with and recommend, to each and every one of them we say THANK YOU.

Because without their greatness, we’d be nothing.

Image: Momentum Social

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